Project: Last year I made a poster for a theatre play produced by a school in the Netherlands. The play, written by one of the teachers - Brian Lauret - was so well reviewed, that the production company will present Lauret's second play early next year.
For the new play I was again commissioned to design the poster. This time alongside a flyer - to be used as a handout with the synopsis and cast list - and the tickets.
The brief was rather clear: asking for a dark theme, gloomy yet not too scary, because the play is a sort of satire musical. The story being about rival gangster clans, the client wished for money bills to be illustrated and a skull image akin to the Jolly Roger, but using pistols instead of sabres. As it turned out, the typography took up most of the trial&error time. Being given some requirements (strong, yet not too bold, stylish, but modern, grungy, yet slightly feminine...) I had some ideas initially, but the endless combinations weren't easy to sort out.
After several different layout versions, I ended up with this one. It had the best balance and proportion regarding elements, colours, alignment and negative space.

After all, my client was more than content and I hope you enjoy this a little bit as well.
Client: Brian Lauret (Picasso Lyceum) and Greg&Baud Productions
Formats: poster: A3 - flyer: 2-sided A5 - tickets: 2-sided pin-card size
Tools: Pen&Paper - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - Adobe Photoshop

the main poster
the handout flyer
the tickets

facebook event banner

a bonus I made for the promotion of the event
...the collection (to be)
check out the poster from 2016's play here
Thanks for viewing!

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